We Won!

Today, Denver voters chose facts over fear, science over stereotypes. Today, Denver voters made HISTORY.

We’re so proud to report that Denver has REPLACED our outdated and ineffective pit bull ban!  This is a HUGE step toward ending Denver’s breed-specific legislation for good. This change has been 30 years in the making, and it couldn’t come a day too soon!

In the coming months, Denver will begin a new chapter, focused on responsible dog ownership for all breeds. We can’t wait to see responsible pit bull owners in Denver proudly licensing and raising their pups.

We hope Denver’s decision to overturn their ban will inspire communities nationwide and right here at home to end their ban – including our neighbor Aurora. We’ll be here to share advice and advocate for an end to breed-specific legislation.

The Replace Denver BSL team is eternally grateful to the volunteers and donors who worked so hard to make this victory a reality, as well as Councilman Chris Herndon, who has been a tireless advocate on our behalf. We’ll be taking some time off to thank our team and to give our dogs some well-deserved extra treats and attention.

But we’re not going away! As the new licensing program takes effect in January, we plan to remain part of the community, promoting responsible ownership and pushing to end breed-specific legislation in Denver completely.

We continue to be SO proud to call Denver home. WE DID IT!!!


Shira, Quinn, Mara, and The Replace Denver BSL Team