Replace Denver BSL wants a law that empowers Denver residents to keep their fellow citizens safe and take the best possible care of their dogs. A breed-neutral safety law will improve public safety, reduce the incidence of dog bites, and come at a lower cost to the taxpayer. Current breed-specific legislation is costly, ineffective, and a detriment to public safety.



What Is Breed-Specific Legislation?


Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is any legislation that puts restrictions on dogs based solely on their apparent breed. Typically, this legislation bans certain breeds from a city, county, state or country.

In Denver, BSL is commonly referred to as the “pit bull ban” because it specifically prohibits the ownership of dogs that are thought to be “pit bulls” based on their appearance. The current law mandates that if a dog is declared to be at least 51% “pit bull” based on a visual assessment, it must either be forcibly removed from Denver or killed.

To read the ordinance in its entirety, please refer to Sec. 8-67 of the Denver Municipal Code titled “Pit bulls prohibited.”



End breed-specific legislation in Denver:

In case after case, breed-specific legislation or BSL has proven ineffective and costly. Breed-NEUTRAL legislation has been proven to reduce dog bites, cost less for the community, and improve owners’ care for their pets – by putting responsibility for dog safety back into the owners’ hands.


Encourage responsible dog ownership:

Replace Denver BSL knows that a community approach is the best approach to dog bite prevention and public safety. We are partnering with dozens of local volunteers and dog trainers to help Denver dog owners responsibly care for their animals and provide public education promoting responsible ownership.

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Denver BSL Facts


  • Despite 30 years of BSL, Denver consistently ranks as one of the worst cities in the nation for dog bites – significantly higher than fellow Colorado communities without BSL.

  • In the United States, more than 300 cities, counties, and states have repealed BSL – reflecting the growing understanding that breed-specific legislation does not reduce dog bites and often increases them.


We are going to need everyone’s help if we are going to replace Denver’s outdated Breed-Specific Legislation




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Ok Denver it is time for some REAL TALK about DOG SAFETY

Ok Denver it is time for some REAL TALK about DOG SAFETY

Y’all know our goal is to completely end breed-specific legislation in Denver. Voting #YesOn2J and allowing pitties back into Denver under a special license is a great first step! But to achieve truly breed-neutral legislation, the kind we know is most effective based on science, we not only need to win in November, we also need to improve dog safety in Denver after pitties are legalized. And the truth is, Denver, there are some serious opportunities for improvement here.

The Saga of Serina the “Pit Bull”

The Saga of Serina the “Pit Bull”

…I don’t know where Serina is now, or any of her puppies. I can only hope that she survived, found a family that loves her, and is living the life that over a million others of her breed will not get to enjoy this year. Considering that in the time it took for me to write this article, over a hundred more “pit bulls” were killed, I am not optimistic. It’s time to end outdated legislation that has failed to show any improvement in community safety, Denver….